Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update Your Bathroom Design with the Adelaide High Efficiency Toilet

{mosimage}Are you ready to update the form and function of your bathroom design to the 21st century? When you install an Adelaide High Efficiency Toilet (HET) in your bath, you'll be making an investment in improving the style of your bathroom design, as well as making a decision that will benefit the environment and help you save money on your utility bills. Made by Caroma, Australia's largest plumbing fixture manufacturer, the Adelaide HET is a stylish and practical addition to any bathroom design.

The Adelaide has earned the prestigious WaterSense stamp of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so you can be confident that it truly is an environmentally friendly bathroom fixture solution that can help reduce your water consumption expenses. The toilet has a pair of chrome buttons on the tank that allow users to control the volume of water used per flush. One button releases a half flush of 0.8 of a gallon, while the other is a full 1.6 gallon flush.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update Your Traditional Bathroom Design with Kingsley Wall Mount Faucets

{mosimage}Wall mount bathroom faucets are not reserved for contemporary bathroom design. If you love the look of your traditional bathroom, you can still update the room's look and feel by installing an appropriately designed wall mount faucet fixture. Moen's Kingsley wall mount faucets are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to preserve the traditional look and feel of their bathrooms while at the same time enjoying the modern luxury of a wall mount faucet system.

The Kingsley wall mount faucet is designed especially to coordinate flawlessly with traditional bathroom décor. The fixture's understated details are especially crafted to provide an air of traditional style that is both elegant and timeless. The spout is flared and the lever handles are beautifully designed, making this faucet the perfect wall mount solution for any decorating styles. You can choose from among several different finishes, ensuring that you'll be able to find a Kingsley wall mount faucet that coordinates flawlessly with your traditional bathroom design.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover how easy the Kingsley wall mount faucet is to install. Typically, homeowners who choose to upgrade their bathroom design with Kingsley or other Moen wall mount fixtures are able to make the transition without having to replace any of the faucet plumbing. Moen's M•PACT® valve system makes changing out faucets nothing more than a simple matter of unscrewing the existing handles and spouts and replacing them with the new fixture.

You can ensure complete coordination of your bathroom décor by adding accessories from Moen's design-matched suite of accessories made specifically to coordinate with the Kingsley wall mount faucets. You'll also enjoy the confidence of knowing that your new faucet is protected by Moen’s lifetime limited warranty. For more information, see or call toll free 800-BUY-MOEN.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clean and Contemporary Bathroom Design with the Icon Wall Mount Faucet

{mosimage}Are you looking for a unique faucet for your contemporary bathroom design? Why not incorporate the ultimate in modern faucet design into your home's bath by installing wall mount Icon water faucets by Moen in your beautiful and functional contemporary bathroom design? These stunning faucets are designed to coordinate perfectly with a modern vessel sink, such as the clear variety pictured here.

What better way to bring the clean lines of contemporary design elements into your bath than with the perfect pairing of a Moen's Icon wall mount faucet set and a lovely and modern vessel sink. According to Beth Allison, Moen’s wholesale group product manager, “The popularity of vessel sinks continues to grow. Offering wall-mount faucets to complement these sinks provides style-savvy builders and consumers a new option to bring luxury and style to their homes.”

The sleek and modern design of Moen's Icon wall mount faucet is a stunning addition to any contemporary bathroom design theme. The fixture's clean geometric lines are the perfect match for other contemporary fixtures and accessories. The refined spout and stunning levers lend a touch of elegance any bathroom. You'll also enjoy the sight of clean and clear natural stream of water produced by the faucet, which becomes an extension of the fixtures design as it echoes the look of the faucet.

You can either chrome or brushed nickel finishes, making it easy to coordinate your Icon wall mount faucet with the other accessories used in your overall bathroom design. As with all Moen Faucets, your Icon wall mount fixtures are protected by the companies limited lifetime warranty. For more information, see or call toll free 800-BUY-MOEN.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Bring Luxury into Bathroom Design with Inspire Showerheads from Moen

{mosimage}Want to enjoy the ultimate in shower relaxation in your own home? When you install one of the showerheads from Moen's Inspire line in your home, you'll be thrilled to find out just how relaxing and invigorating a home shower can really be.

There are a number of different showerhead options in Moen's Inspire line of luxurious bathroom accessories. You'll be able to choose from among several fixed and handheld showerheads that offer several different settings. You can choose from among models that have three, five, or seven different water release settings.

“Our research has shown that homeowners want to be enveloped with powerful water sprays,” said Kelly Atkins, director of retail marketing for Moen. “This line offers an abundance of high performance sprays from each spray setting to create their ideal shower.” You'll look forward to every shower opportunity when you have your own Inspire showerhead. You can

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Enjoy a Spa Experience at Home with a Rainfall Showerhead from Moen

{mosimage}Do you want to enjoy a spa-like shower experience in the privacy of your own home? When your bathroom design includes Moen's nine-inch rainshower shower head, you'll be able to lose yourself in the relaxation of a refreshing, all over body spray every time you take a shower. If you've enjoyed the benefits of showering with a high quality, forceful rainshower shower head before, you know just how invigorating this type of shower experience can be.

While there are a number of rainshower heads on the market, Moen's offering is unique and offers homeowners the ultimate in "spa at home" showering experiences. Moen's rainshower heads utilize the company's state of the art InvigoRain™ spray to provide powerful and relaxing water spray. Moen's InvigoRain™ technology is self-pressurizing, which sets it apart from other similar products.

“Most rainshower showerheads are gravity-fed so the water collects in the showerhead and slowly trickles out, creating a low-pressure, drooping effect,” said Atkins. “InvigoRain is self-pressurizing. It channels the water out of the showerhead for maximum water force and coverage.” With the Moen self-pressurizing rainshower, water is channeled through the fixture in a manner that produces up to three times as much spray as other rainshower fixtures on the market. What this means for you is that your shower experience will be consistently invigorating with this shower head, more so that with other available rainshowers.

For more information about the rainshower heads available in the Inspire product line, see or visit your local Lowe's retailer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brighten Up Your Bathroom Design with the Temperature Controlled Shower Light

{mosimage}Want to add a little flair to your daily showers? How would you like to be able to tell what temperature the water is without having to "test the waters" and end up getting burned or a chilly surprise? When you install a Temperature Controlled Shower Light in your bathroom, you'll be able to do both.

This fun and practical shower accessory is specially designed to change colors based on the temperature of the water. The light's technology enables it to determine the temperature of the water, which impacts the light color. As logic would indicate, the light is blue when the water is cold, and it turns to red when the water is hot. When there is no water running, the light goes out.  

"It’s a product that we think is fun, funky and functional,” says Hog Wild President Joe Rooper. “It has a unique wow-factor that everyone enjoys, but is also very practical in helping prevent possible scalds or accidents.” Rooper says the light streams are an unexpected surprise and a real conversation starter.
The Temperature Controlled Shower Light is simple to install. If you want to incorporate this fun feature into your bathroom design, you'll just need to replace the aerator on your existing shower faucet. It installs in no time at all, and doesn't require any special tools or plumbing skills. Its universal adapter fits almost every faucet designed for use in the United States. 

For more information, or to order your own Temperature Controlled Shower Light, see or call toll free 888-231-6465.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Add an Eco Friendly Shower Filter to Your Bathroom Design

{mosimage}Planning to update your bathroom design? Don't forget to think about the practical aspects of bathroom design as well as the aesthetic elements. When you're giving your bathroom an update, consider installing an eco friendly shower filter from Aquasana. When you install an Aquasana shower filter in your home's bathroom, you'll enjoy a spa-like experience every time you take a shower.

Your new Aquasana shower filter will remove chlorine and THM chemicals from the water in which you bathe, providing you with a luxurious showering experience that’s analogous to cleaning yourself in natural spring water every time you shower. As soon as you start showering in filtered water, you'll notice an immediate improvement in the look and feel of your skin. Chlorinated water has a tendency to dry your skin, and one of the first things you'll notice is how much less dry your skin is when you shower in filtered water.

There are also many health benefits associated with showering in filtered water. Many experts agree that when harmful contaminants are present in shower water, there is a good


Monday, April 28, 2008

Incorporate Safety Into Your Bathroom Design{mosimage}If you're planning to stay in your current home throughout your retirement years, consider incorporating an attractive and safety-conscious tub into your bathroom design. When you include a Safety Tub in your bathroom, you'll enjoy the luxury -- and safety -- of being able to enter your bathtub via a walk-in door rather than having to step over a potentially dangerous raised side.

No matter what age you are or what physical condition you're in, with a safety tub you'll enjoy easy access to your bathtub. You'll be able to get in and out of the tub without exerting yourself or risking injury or a fall. Safety Tubs make it possible for senior citizens and people with a wide variety of physical disabilities to remain independent, and avoid having to rely on the assistance of other people to enter and leave the bathtub.

In addition to being easy to enter and exit, Safety Tubs make bathing easy. Bathers will enjoy the built in seat, which is raised 17

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Update Your Bathroom Design With a Wasauna Negative Edge Bathtub{mosimage}Looking for the ultimate in bathing luxury for your home? Consider incorporating the Wasauna Negative Edge Bathtub into your bathroom design. This strikingly beautiful contemporary bathroom fixture sets the standard for in-home spa bathing indulgence. One or two people can bathe in comfort, enjoying the relaxing sensations of the 21 all over massaging jets built in to the tub.

You'll be able to soak in maximum comfort, with the convenience of being able to access controls for the tub's jets and temperature from a digital touch screen panel mounted on the rim of the tub. There's even a built-in FM radio that you'll be able to control from the same panel. The tub's thermostatic faucet has a stopper at 100.4 Fahrenheit, which reduces the risk of scalds by keeping water that is too hot from getting into the bathtub.

For even more bathing enjoyment, the tub includes chromatherapy features, allowing bathers to select from among seven different lighting schemes to set the mood and increase their relaxation while they soak away the stresses of daily life.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Modernize Your Bathroom Design With Axiom Audio{mosimage}With today's hectic lifestyles and improvements in technology, consumers now use bathrooms to fulfill a variety of needs including entertainment, rest, and relaxation. If you're looking to   create a sanctuary of tranquility in your home's master bath, consider incorporating weatherproof speakers from Axiom Audio into your bathroom design.

To meet the needs of savvy homeowners who want to enjoy the ultimate in home bathroom relaxation, Axiom Audio is stepping to the forefront with their Algonquin weatherproof speaker. The speakers resonate with top quality audiophile sound, transforming your bathroom into a multi-media marvel and an escape from daily life.

You'll be able to enjoy your favorite sounds while relaxing in your spa tub without having to worry about speaker damage. Originally designed for outdoor use, these speakers not only withstand inclement weather conditions, but also prevail against high levels of humidity. These features make the Algonquin speakers by Axiom ideally suited for bathroom design.

These weatherproof speakers provide discriminating listeners with the same design and award winning sound quality as Axiom Audio's award-winning M3 speakers. The speakers are specially angled and feature a screened port that allows for high-fidelity sound reproduction. They  are made with plastic-covered gold-plated binding posts that won't rust

Because Algonquin speakers by Axiom are available in four different finishes, it’s easy to find an option that blends perfectly with your bathroom décor. If you have special decorating needs, the speakers can be painted at home, or you can take advantage of the company's custom matching service. You'll also find that the Algonquins are easy to install and feature threaded mounting receptacles that accept most speaker brackets.  For more information, see

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Enhance Your Bathroom Design With an Izola Shower CurtainAre you looking for a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a facelift? If your fixtures are in good shape and the room doesn’t need a major overhaul, you may be able to give the décor of your bathroom and updated look simply by upgrading your shower curtain. Even though getting a new shower curtain is a very simple and inexpensive thing, changing out this important bathroom accessory can really have a big impact on your bathroom design.

There are, of course, many different options when it comes to bathroom shower curtains. It's important to choose an accessory that complements the overall look and feel of the room while also being functional and easy to clean and maintain. When you're looking for an attractive and functional shower curtain to enhance your bathroom design, be sure to consider the many attractive and sophisticated selections available from Izola.

No matter how your bathroom is decorated, you're sure to find a lovely Izola shower curtain that complements the décor of the space. The company's designs are quite unique. Some of the most popular Izola shower curtains feature images of major cities and attractions around the world, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Venice, the Las Vegas welcome sign, London, Paris, and many other locations.

In addition to the destination images, other images featured on Izola's unique shower curtains include an artist series, world maps, New York City subway maps, and other interesting patterns. Izola also offers a selection of eco-friendly shower curtain designs, made from polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA), which is a biodegradable form of plastic.

Updating your bathroom décor with whimsical and functional shower curtains from Izola is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom in your house. Whether you're looking to update the master bath, a guest bath, or the bathroom used by your kids, you'll be delighted by the way Izola shower curtains enhance the room's appearance. For more information, see

Friday, April 11, 2008

Enjoy the Ultimate in Bathroom Design Luxury With the Monza Steam ShowerWhat could be more decadent than having your own Monza steam shower by Wasauna at home? You won't need to go travel to a spa to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation. Instead, you'll be able to enjoy an amazing spa shower experience in the privacy and convenience of your own bathroom.

Your Wasauna Monza Steam Shower is fully outfitted with built in seating for two people, both of whom will be able to sit back and enjoy the exhilarating cascade of water from the overhead rain shower. You'll feel the tension wash away from your tired and aching muscles when you feel the spray from the 20 different shower jets installed around the showers.

Your at home spa experience will be further enhanced with chromatherapy lighting, which includes seven variations you can enjoy, depending on your mood. Additional features include LED lights and an AM/FM radio, which you can easily operate from the unit's illuminated control panel.

No matter how your bathroom is decorated, the Wasauna Monza Steam Shower will complement your bathroom design as well as provide you with the ultimate in at-home spa relaxation. The shower itself is silver and white. You can select the color of the rear glass panel for your unit, choosing among blue, white, or silver. The dimensions of the unit are 59x59x89.  

The manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) is ,899. You can order online, and delivery is free within the United States. The Monza Steam Shower comes with a five year manufacturers warranty. For more information, see

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GraniteLoc Tub Surround: The Luxurious Look of Solid Granite Without the Price Tag

{mosimage} Bathe surrounded by the elegance beauty of granite, secure in the knowledge that your contemporary, luxurious GraniteLoc bathtub is an affordable indulgence. Crafted from natural granite and other stones, GraniteLoc is a revolutionary product that provides the look of solid granite slab at a price about 25% less than granite slab.

GraniteLoc is a unique and proprietary system with two patents and three more pending. The unique process creates a dead-flat surface using granite or marbled tiles. The tiles are fused together using color-matched poly-resins that resist stains. Additionally, GraniteLoc is sealed during the manufacturing process, boosting its stain-resistant powers and ensuring that the surface remains gorgeous with minimal maintenance.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Conserve Water With the High Efficiency VitraA Urinal

{mosimage}The new VitrA High Efficiency Urinal meets the needs of homeowners concerned with style, environmental responsibility, water conservation, and keeping the water bill under control. In today’s average American household, 75 percent of the water used is in the bathroom. Water conservation is one of the hottest issues among modern home owners, and this new urinal addresses concerns about reducing water usage with attractive, elegant bathroom fixtures.

VitraA’s  innovative 0.25 gallon per flush High Efficiency Urinal is the first of its kind available in North America. This low flush urinal uses 75 percent less water each year than a standard one gallon urinal. The High Efficiency Urinal is the sixth water conserving bathroom product to be added to VitrA’s EverGreen line, which also includes a high efficiency toilet.

"The percolating water shortages affecting parts of the U.S. have made us more proactive in the fight to protect our natural resources," said Mert Karasu, technical manager for VitrA USA. “We began with toilets and have now expanded the technology to urinals as well. We believe that designing bathrooms with water conserving fixtures including low flush toilets and urinals is a vital step toward saving the Earth’s precious water resource.”

VitraA is headquarter in Atlanta, and has a presence in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information, see


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Craft-Art Custom Wood Vanity Adds Warmth and Beauty to Your Bathroom

{mosimage}Create a warm and inviting bathroom by bringing the classic glow of wood into your modern bathroom with a custom wood vanity top from Craft-Art.  Available in a wide range of natural wood species and styles, Craft-Art’s exquisite carved wooden vanity tops will add warmth and beauty to any bathroom design. Whether your bathroom is traditional or contemporary , a custom wood countertop will lend a touch of elegance and luxury to the room.

Craft-Art’s custom countertops are designed to fit any self rimming, undermount or vessel made for a bathroom cabinet.  All of Craft-Art’s vanity tops are finished in an organic tung oil based varnish that protects the vanity from water and staining, while still allowing the wood’s natural grain to show through.

“Consumer demand for custom wood pieces is continuing to grow and our new custom vanity tops are a natural extension to our highly successful wood countertop product line,” said Ken Williamson, chief executive officer for The Craft-Art Company, Inc. “Our customers chose Craft-Art because they want to add pieces that are beautiful, unique and functional,” added Williamson.

Craft-Art wooden bathroom vanities are available in a selection of more than 20 different wood species and construction styles, and

Friday, April 4, 2008

Enjoy Safe Water Temperature Every Time With HotStop

{mosimage} Each year thousands of children and adults are severely injured by scalding tap water. In fact, tap water scalds are the second most common cause of severe burn injuries among people of all ages. But now a new product line from American Valve called HotStop Scald Prevention Faucets, Tub Spouts & Showerheads aims to decrease those numbers worldwide.

How does HotStop work? When hot water reaches an unsafe temperature HotStop quickly reduces the water flow to a trickle to avoid scalding. Once the water in the line cools the flow re-starts automatically. The entire process usually takes less than 30 seconds.

All you have to do to protect your family from the dangers of shower and faucet scalding accidents is to replace your current shower head and bathtub faucet HotStop products. HotStop installs in just a few minutes, and you don’t need any special tools or expertise in plumbing to swap your current tub and shower hardware for HotStop pieces.
HotStop showerheads and tub spouts are UL listed and ASSE 1062 approved. Available products include an anti-scald tub spout, hand shower, shower head, and shower head and tub spout with diverter.

Conserve Water with an EPA WaterSense Certified EcoLogic� Toilet

{mosimage}When you outfit the bathrooms in your home with EcoLogic™ toilets from Niagra Conservation, you’ll enjoy a visually appealing bathroom fixture that is also highly efficient when it comes to water use. Certified to carry the EPA WaterSense label, these high efficiency toilets use a minimum of 20 percent less water than standard toilets, yet maintain strict flushing performance guidelines.


"The WaterSense label lets consumers know they are selecting products that are not only high efficiency, but high performance,” said William Cutler, president of Niagara Conservation. “Technology and design advances allow these toilets to save water with no trade-off in flushing power.”


Installing high efficiency toilets can have a significant impact on water usage. Toilets actually represent more than a quarter of all indoor water usage in homes. This is particularly significant when you consider that a family of four uses approximately

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Water Resistant Wainscoting for Bathroom Design

{mosimage}Made entirely from high strength PVC composite, Plastpro Inc.’s pre-finished reversible vinyl wainscoting is ideal for bathroom design, as well as other heavily trafficked areas of modern homes. Unlike traditional wood wainscoting, Plastpro vinyl wainscoting is perfect for damp areas of the home. It’s 100 percent moisture resistant, which prevents problems with mold or mildew. It also protects sheetrock, keeping walls from warping, corroding and rotting. As an added benefit to homeowners, Plastpro vinyl wainscoting is very easy to clean.

“For contractors, architects and homeowners looking for a simple way to enhance and protect walls, installing vinyl wainscoting is an

Enhance Your Bathroom Design With Solatube Daylighting System

{mosimage}One of the biggest challenges with bathroom design is coming up with a solution to the problem of providing a sufficient amount of natural light in a relatively small interior location. The Solatube Daylighting System is an excellent way to bring much-needed light into the design of bathrooms of all sizes and styles. Bathroom design can be particularly challenging when it comes to making sure there is sufficient lighting, simply because most bathrooms have few, if any, windows that allow light to filter in.

In response to the demand for both function and style in bathroom, design, has introduced Solatube Designer Touches, a premium accessory line for the Solatube Daylighting System. “We recognize that adding daylight to an interior space should add both function and design,” said Robert Westfall Jr., Solatube International's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Solatube Designer Touches, it is possible to use daylighting with more style and impact than previously possible.” 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

See Yourself in a Better Light With Kichler BeautyWraps Lighting Design

{mosimage}Making smart decisions about incorporating lighting into your bathroom design can make a huge difference in the way you see yourself. With BeautyWraps bathroom lighting by Kichler, you can easily see yourself more clearly in the bathroom mirror.

The side lighting incorporated into Kichler’s BeautyWraps eliminates the problem of dealing with the negative aspects of top mounted lighting. When your bathroom design features only top lighting above the mirror, all of your facial flaws are accentuated when you look in the mirror. The lines on your face look deeper, and your reflection is in shadow.

“If you want to see your true self, and a more flattering self at that, then you need lighting on each side of your face,” explains Tony Davidson, president and CEO of Kichler Lighting. Kichler’s beautiful and elegant BeautyWraps fixtures provide the most flattering type of lighting for any bathroom design.

Kichler BeautyWraps fixtures are easy to install, so it can be simple to improve the lighting design in your bathroom. Each fixture includes a top-mounted lighting fixture that comes with matching mini pendant lights on each side. It can be installed directly onto your existing top mounted light fixture.

“If your bathroom mirror is too large to have a sconce mounted on each side, BeautyWraps’ pendants can hang in front of the mirror,” says Davidson. “The mirror’s reflection further enhances the beauty of the pendants and the light’s soft effects.”

The Kichler BeautyWraps fixtures are available in three finishes:

Bring Modern Design to Your Bathroom With a Wire Mesh Shower Curtain


Looking for an innovative way to add a contemporary flair to your bathroom design in a manner that is both practical and stylish? Try dressing up your shower with a unique wire mesh shower curtain, created with woven wire fabric from Cascade Coil Drapery. This unusual material makes some of the most luxurious, beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain shower curtains that you will find anywhere. 

Shower curtains made from Cascade Coil Drapery's wire mesh fabric provide light control ad privacy. The fabric is ideally suited for all types of partitioning purposes, and it can do a great job separating your shower from the other areas of your bathroom in style.

Your wire mesh shower curtain is simple to install. Even though the curtain looks like it might be heavy, it is in fact very lightweight. The durable material can last a lifetime, and requires online minimal dusting or vacuuming to stay in tip top condition.

This flexible and versatile fabric is used for a wide variety of commercial and residential interior design applications. It's also utilized for such varied purposes as containing birds, cladding buildings, in industrial safety, and as protection against explosions.

For more information, see

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Enhance Your Bathroom Design With Hampton Series Medicine Cabinets by NuTone{mosimage}NuTone's stylish Hampton Series medicine cabinets are a practical and stylish solution for incorporating storage space into virtually every bathroom design. The Hampton Series frame is available in several finishes, including oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, copper, chrome and white finishes

The stylish NuTone Hampton Series medicine cabinets fit in standard wall openings for medicine cabinets (14 1/4 inches wide by 24 inches high by three and one-half inches deep). Product features include a framed exterior mirror, a durable piano hinge, adjustable glass shelves, an innovative soft-close magnet, and a rust-resistant white steel body. They are available with right or left hand openings.

According to Patrick Nielsen, Senior Product Manager for NuTone, "The Hampton Series provides homeowners and builders with attractive storage solutions while eliminating the need to match the grain, stain or gloss of wood cabinets."

Nielsen continues, "We’re sure homeowners and builders alike will appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to match their medicine cabinet

Enjoy Ultimate Bathing Relaxation with the Floating Light Garden

{mosimage}Looking for a way to relax and unwind from a stressful day or week? When your bathroom design includes an AquaGlow™ Floating Light Garden™, you can soak away your stresses in your tub to the soft glow of these beautiful, decorative floral lights.

Each AquaGlow™ Floating Light Garden set includes three decorative flower lights: a rose, a daisy, and a lotus flower. If you want to surround yourself with glowing floral lights, you can add several sets to your bathroom decor. Whether your bathroom features three or twelve AquaGlow lights,  you're sure to enjoy the relaxing effects of these beautiful lighting features. Each light creates four different lighting effects,  offering a warm bouquet of glowing colors.

When you add a Floating Light Garden to your bathroom décor, you can sit back and watch a dazzling display of color while you relax, unwind, and rejuvenate your body and mind. The lights will change from vibrant red to gorgeous green and fade into a stunning blue, and more. 

An AquaGlow™ Floating Light Garden™ can add romantic illumination and charm to a variety of different settings, and they're perfect for use in the bathroom. Ideal for use in or around your bathtub, you can also illuminate your swimming pool or hot tub with these beautiful decorative lighting accessories. These LED lights are easy and safe to operate. They are battery operated and include a one hour automatic shut-off feature.

For more information about the AquaGlow™ Floating Light Garden™, and to see the latest aquatic lighting products from the GAME group, see

Friday, March 28, 2008

Enhance Your Bathroom Design With Corian Solid Surfaces{mosimage}Are you looking for the perfect solution for the surfaces in your bathroom? DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces are the perfect surface solution for bathroom décor. Low maintenance and resistant to mold and mildew, DuPont™ Corian® is the ideal material for vanities and other surfaces in bathrooms of all sizes.

The nonporous nature of solid surface countertop materials makes these counter tops a logical and perfect choice for bathroom décor. Not only is this material durable and beautiful, it is simple to maintain. Corian solid surface countertops are very easy to clean, and they don't even require sealing.

When you choose one of the more than 140 colors of DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces for your bathroom, you're making an investment in the functionality and aesthetic appeal. These bathroom countertops can provide years of service, while coordinating beautifully with any bathroom design theme. These types of counters work equally well in master baths, kids bathrooms,

Enhance Your Bathroom Design With Recycled Copper Sinks From Native Trails{mosimage}Looking for a way to bring elegance into your bathroom design? A handcrafted copper sink from Native Trails may be the perfect solution for your design dilemma. These artisan created, high-quality handcrafted sinks from Native Trails bring an element of understated luxury to the décor of virtually any bathroom design.

Definitely not your typical mass marketed bathroom fixtures, the recycled copper sinks created by Native Trails are handmade by skilled coppersmiths. The crafts people heat and soften the metal over an open forge, using an anvil and hammer to slowly and methodically transform the recycled material into a perfectly formed sink.

When you use a Native Trails copper sink in your bathroom design, you are actively participating in the green building design movement by utilizing re-purposed materials in the core fixtures of your home. All of Native Trails' sinks are crafted from recycled copper, collected by the artisans who make the sinks. Their skills, diligence, and hard work transforms construction copper, electrical wires, and pipes that might otherwise end up in landfills into elegant decorative elements for home bathroom décor.

Native Trails copper sinks can be seen at more than 1100 showrooms throughout Canada and the United States. The company also produces

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update Your Bathroom Design With the Barrett Suite{mosimage}Looking for a beautiful yet practical bathroom design? The Barrett Suite Collection from Mansfield plumbing might be the perfect solution to your bathroom décor challenges. This warm and inviting bathroom design is equally at home in traditional and contemporary home environments. This lovely bathroom suite features clean lines, smooth surfaces, and all of the conveniences of modern bathroom design.

Much of what makes the Barrett Suite so appealing is a feature that isn't even visible in the room. The toilet has a concealed trapway, which is actually among the most highly sought after features in modern plumbing. The concealed trapway toilet enhances the visual appeal of the room, and also offers the convenience of being very easy to clean.

With an inviting and warm look, the Barrett Suite

Bathe in Luxury and Style With a Handcrafted Copper BathtubWhat could be more relaxing than unwinding after a busy day at the office in a strikingly beautiful handcrafted copper {mosimage}bathtub? This luxurious copper bathtub by Native Trails makes an elegant focal point for any bathroom design handcrafted by skilled artisans from recycled copper. You can rest easy knowing that your bathtub is crafted in an environmentally responsible manner, using both ancient hand crafting techniques and post-consumer materials.

The coppersmiths who create your Native Trails bathtub are highly skilled artisans who use tried and true blacksmithing techniques to produce each unique piece. The Native Trails artisans collect cast off copper from construction sites, old copper pipes, no longer used copper wiring, and other items that might end up sitting in landfills for decades.

Instead of allowing this to happen, the

Sunday, March 23, 2008

12 Ideas For Small Bathroom DesignEvery person that has a small bathroom is interested in ways of making their bathroom appear larger.  Remodeling the bathroom is not always an option and in many cases, remodeling the bathroom would be very expensive.  There are a number of ways that a person can use to make their small bathroom seem larger without having to undertake any heavy construction.
1. Soft Color for Walls
One of the easiest ways that a person can alter their small bathroom design to make it appear larger is to choose light soft colors for the décor of the bathroom.  

2. Accent with Color
Bright, bold colors can be used in small bathrooms, assuming you reserve them for accents only. Going overboard with bold or dark colorstend to make the bathroom appear tighter and more intimate.  

3. Visual Accents
If your bathroom has wallpaper, avoid using large prints or busy pattern. Instead, choose very subtle wallpaper patterns. Better yet, keep one wall free from any pattern at all. Consider making the largest wall in the small bathroom into a mural of an open space.  

4. Light Tones of Bathroom Flooring
Just like light colors on the walls, light colors on the flooring of the small bathroom will help make the bathroom appear roomier and more open.  The most popular colors for a light bathroom floor are tans, light grays, and light blues.  By incorporating these colors into the flooring of your small bathroom design, you will have the basis for a light colored decorating scheme that will make your bathroom appear more open.

5. Pedestal Sink
Another small bathroom design that can be used to make a bathroom appear larger is to replace a large vanity or countertop with a slimmer, pedestal sink.  A pedestal sink can be found in many different styles, colors, and materials, allowing them to be matched to any décor.  By placing a pedestal sink in the small bathroom, you can open up the bathroom space by another ten percent.

6. Classic Fixtures
When selecting fixtures for your bathroom, keep in mind they are going into a small space. Choose simple designs made from smooth surfaces, such as ceramic and marble, and opt for light, neutral tones.
7. Additional Lighting Fixtures
Additional lighting in a small bathroom can make a world of difference in the way the space in the bathroom is perceived.  Consider adding additional light fixtures or using higher wattage bulbs, as appropriate. By making the bathroom brighter and more inviting, it seems that the space has opened up and the walls are farther apart.  

8. Increase Natural Light
There are a variety of ways that additional lighting can be added to the small bathroom without taking up more space than is already used, including installing a new window, or even putting in a skylight.

9. Limit Items in Bathroom
Many people choose to open up the amount of space available in their small bathroom by greatly reducing the amount of items that they place into the bathroom.  Items such as storage shelves, hampers, and decorative items all take up valuable space in a small bathroom and the bathroom will appear much larger if these items are removed and the things that they hold are stored somewhere else.  
10. Consider Storage Outside the Bathroom
Some people choose to place a small storage cabinet in their hallway near the bathroom as a place to put all of the things that they would normally keep in their bathrooms. It's also a good idea to consider putting laundry hampers in the bedrooms instead of in the bathroom. Extra supplies and paper products can even be stored in the pantry.

11. Adding Mirrors
Adding additional mirrors to the bathroom will also help the bathroom appear bigger than it really is.  Placing additional mirrors in the bathroom will help to capture all of the available light and reflect it back into the room to make it brighter.  Adding extra mirrors to the room will also add depth to the room, as the mirrors reflect each other and make the walls appear farther away.  

12. De-Clutter
Other ways you can use to make a small bathroom design appear larger include removing clutter and extra items. Instead of storing all of your beauty items on the counter, place them in a cabinet or in the medicine chest when not in use. The more items are visible in a small bathroom, the more cramped the space will look and feel.

Using these subtle design changes to modify the look of your small bathroom is easy, inexpensive, and most of these design changes can be completed in a few hours.  By changing your small bathroom design, you can make your small bathroom appear larger within the space of a day.

Enhance Your Bathroom Décor With Moen's Kingsley Collection Wall Mount Faucets{mosimage}Looking for the perfect contemporary solution for your bathroom sink and faucet? Instead of settling for a traditional deck-mount faucet, many discriminating consumers are opting for the elegant aesthetic of
beautiful vessel sinks paired with wall mount faucets.

Featuring a flared spout paired with a decorative lever, the Kingsley™ collection coordinates beautifully with any style of bathroom décor.  Moen's Kingsley™ bathroom collection is a perfect solution for homeowners looking for the perfect way to incorporate their own distinctive style into their bathroom design. The stylish Kingsley wall-mount faucet epitomizes the ideal of subtle, timeless beauty in bathroom décor.

“The popularity of vessel sinks continues to grow,” said Beth Allison, Moen’s wholesale group product manager. “Offering wall-mount faucets to complement these sinks provides style-savvy builders and consumers a new option to bring luxury and style to their homes.” Kingsley wall mount faucets are available in Chrome, LifeShine Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. They are easy to install, durable, and are backed by Moen's limited lifetime warranty.

Additionally, Moen's wall mount faucets are also designed to make it easy for homeowners to upgrade the style of the bath without replacing any faucet plumbing down the road. Faucets can be changed in just moments, thanks to a design that is equivalent to that of "plug and play" electronic devices. To changed out the faucet, all you'll have to do is unscrew the handles and spout, lift them out and replace them with the new style.

For more information, see  

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Enjoy Modern Luxury With a Hands-Free Destiny Faucet From Moen{mosimage}Do the smooth lines of contemporary bathroom décor appeal to you? Are you interested in figuring out how to incorporate the latest advancements in powder room design and convenience into your home? Do you relish the ease and convenience of hands-free faucet technology?

If you can answer yes to one, two or three of the above questions, a Destiny™ hands-free electronic faucet from Moen might be the perfect addition to your powder room, or to master or guest bathroom design. Part of the Showhouse® by Moen® collection, the Destiny™ bathroom faucet features the latest technology in touchless activation.

This sleek and modern powder room faucet features a unique combination of curves and hard angles. The distinctly styled spout
produces a clear, sheeting flow of water that everyone in your household will appreciate. You can enhance the flow of your bathroom design by installing one or more of the

5 Essentials For Small Bathroom Remodeling{mosimage}Remodeling a small bathroom can be a hectic experience for even the most organized people.  There are so many things to take into consideration, including which colors to use, which fixtures to choose, and what style of bathroom appliances you would like to include in your design plan.  When planning to redesign or remodel a small bathroom, there are 5 essential things that you must keep in mind when arranging your design.

1.  Choose Bathroom Appliances And Fixtures That Are Small
Although having the long, luxurious soaking bathtub may seem attractive, it is just not practical in a small bathroom.  Choosing smaller appliances and fixtures for a small bathroom will open up the amount of space that is available in the bathroom, which makes the bathroom appear larger and more comfortable.  Many people choose to place slim pedestal sinks and doorless showers in their small bathroom area so that they will have a functional full bath in a small amount of space.

2.  Choose Colors That Are Light
Studies have repeated shown that using light colors to decorate an area makes the area appear more open and spacious.  For this reason, dark bold colors should be avoided in a small bathroom as they will make the bathroom appear much smaller and more claustrophobic, while light soft colors will make the walls appear farther apart and the available space seem more open.  The walls are not the only things that should be covered with a light color as dark fixtures in the bathroom will also make the bathroom appear smaller.

3.  Keep The Lighting In The Bathroom Bright
{mosimage}A small bathroom that is brightly lit by attractive lighting appears much larger than a bathroom that is lit dimly with muted lighting.  There are many ways to add additional lighting into a small bathroom without taking up any more room or making the room appear too crowded with lighting.  Some people choose to place recessed lighting in the walls and ceiling of the bathroom to add plenty of additional light while avoiding having to match the lighting to the previously chosen décor or having to purchase bulky lighting fixtures for the bathroom.

4.  Do Not Place A Large Amount Of Storage Space In The Bathroom
It is important to remember that there is a limited amount of space in a small bathroom and everything that is placed in the bathroom reduces the amount of space that the user has to move comfortably.  If possible, storage items should be placed outside of the small bathroom, such as a closet in the hall or in a small cabinet placed in a convenient location.  By reducing the amount of items located in the bathroom, you will create more open space for maneuvering and the bathroom will seem more comfortable.

 5.  Choose Soft Patterns And Accents For The Bathroom
One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when remodeling their small bathroom is

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On The Idea Of Kitchen CabinetsYour choice in kitchen cabinets can affect all the ideas you may have for the new feeling that you have for your kitchen. This allows you to try to understand alternate facets to the usage and life of your kitchen from day to day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Understanding Storage Cabinets BetterThere is much you need to learn before you decide on the right method of storage for yourself. Deciding on whether to utilize the various public storage facilities out in the world today or using the storage cabinets incorporated into the daily basis of your home will allow you to make better use of the space you have come to know best as your residence.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets: The Versatility and Durability of SinksEveryone loves a good, durable sink; everyone loves a good cabinet. However, it is not always easy to get the two together.

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Bathroom Medicine Cabinet: Do You Have One? Do You Need One?Everyone loves a good bathroom cabinet. There are so many things that they are good for: holding linen, toiletries, and other fanciful things.

Bar Cabinets: Style, Class, and BeautyCabinets add a special feel to almost any room. Depending on the cabinet, you can get functionality or beauty; those lucky few get a beautiful mixture of both.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Versatile Bathroom Vanity CabinetsThere is a lot to be said about a vanity; there is a lot to be said about a bathroom vanity. You get the best of two worlds: the beautiful and versatility of a vanity combined with the exquisite craftsmanship and versatility of a bathroom.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet: A Must HaveNothing says more about a person than how they keep their bathroom. However, I think you can get a lot more character out of a small bathroom than a large one.

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Curio Cabinets: Beauty, Grace, and SophisticationNothing is as marvelous and inventive as a well made cabinets. Some cabinets have a better reputation and a better purpose than other cabinets.

Bathroom Wall Cabinet ChoicesWhen you want a bathroom that is decorative, beautiful, and simplistic, you want appliances for that bathroom that reflect the most functional beauty they can reflect. This is not always a simplistic task, but there are some ways that are easier to accomplish this goal than others.

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Discount Kitchen Cabinets: Efficient and AffordablePerhaps nothing is as original and wonderful as a cabinet. Now, you think about the one place in your home that those cabinets are the center point and the kitchen comes to mind.